We’ve changed the Sales Training paradigm.

Let suppose that for the price of just one of those very expensive training seminars that we've all done; you were able to plug your team into a coaching program that included the best sales training on the planet…………...

So you were no longer trying to plug the sales revenue wormhole with short term tactics.  

But actually being supported in reaching audacious sales revenue targets through your team developing and being trained in a strategic sales process.

And how do you know Constant Closers aren’t another trainer who over-promises & under-delivers?

We offer a complimentary call into your present sales process with a guarantee that we will offer you at least one action that you can implement, developed from that call………...

But first, check out some of our team, read the core values and make sure our values resonate with you. If you like what you see, hit the Apply Now button. 

Ready to Talk?​​​​​​​ 

What is the number one problem that, if we solved it,

would make the biggest impact to your bottom line?

We do two things -

We provide professional customized sales training.​​​​​​​

We supplement your current sales efforts with our high-level Closers.


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Our Core Values

Great relationships with great people -  Technology is great, but it also makes it easy for people to detach from one another. We are the bridge between you, your business and your customers. Everything goes better when you are surrounded by the best. We only work with clients who we align with on a relationship level.

Relentless - We pursue everything tirelessly! Our quest for improvement fuels our relentless honesty and openness in everything we do. Our team is driven by the excitement of doing everything possible to optimize your sales. Our followup is unparalleled, our service is unmatched and our ability to raise you up allows you to serve customers you truly enjoy. 

Doing well by doing good - We know that the poverty paradigm is upside down. Wealth is created when people pay you to solve their problems. Business is an ever-expanding pie and opportunities are unlimited. Our dedicaton to working with great clients and their customers results in more value creation for everyone. This in turn puts all of us in a better position to give back where we see the most need. We love to create great results for you so that we can then do good with our earnings.